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Buena Vida Resort & Spa

  • 1106
Resort Facilities rooms,restaurant,pool,spa
Hotel Style Quiet,Luxury
Number of Rooms 12
Aircon Rooms 12
Number of Fan Rooms 12
Amenities sunrise-sunset-views
Payment Methods cash,credit-cards

Where hospitality and harmony come together

Located on the beautiful and tropical island of Malapascua, Buena Vida resort aims to bring modern style accommodation with a touch of revitalizing relaxation to your holiday, no matter whether you are here to dive, enjoy the climate or just escape the trappings of city life.

Tropical tranquility with a tender touch

Escape into a world of total comfort, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Treat yourself to a tropical spa experience, you deserve it! Our friendly staff will pamper you, renewing your mind, body, and soul.

Relax your mind during a massage or just let your thoughts travel while enjoying the Jacuzzi under the tropical sky.

Healthy food in green & native surroundings

Our Bistro will serve the freshest food on the island on a daily base. “Super-food”-Shakes for extra health benefits are one of our main targets to serve to guests, to feel the healthy paradise of Malapascua Island. A wide range of different salads and vegetarian dishes as well as raw food and special menu packages combined with your spa treatment are offered.

Yoga for beginners

For everyone who is interested in yoga and its benefits it is the ideal class to take. The first yoga classes will bring you a little bit further to build up your own body´s strength, find focus and increase flexibility of your entire body. All positions and movements which will be shown in the first classes are linked to different breathing techniques. In this session you will get to know some basic and fundamental yoga postures and principles which create a successful and effective yoga practice. During the session you will feel the energy flow in your body, which is an experience you only face while doing yoga.

Vinyasa Yoga

It is one form of yoga where your breath will synchronize with your movements. A series of poses controlled by the power of in- and exhaling. All different movements or poses are flowing one after another, that is why it is often called “Vinyasa Flow”.
As any other yoga styles, Vinyasa has a physical and mental benefits. Sweating during the classes will extrude toxins and re-energize your body. The synchronized breathing in combination with the poses will set the energy throughout your entire body free.For experiences as well for beginners it is a great class to join and experience yoga and take the challenge for yourself.You need to breathe and move smoothly from one position to another, as you were in kind of a dance. The style, the speed and the sequence will vary from each instructor.

Power Yoga

It is a form of Vinyasa Yoga with a fitness-based and more active form. This term is mostly used in the western part as the invention came from two American guys. Originally this kind of yoga was called Ashtanga – to make it easier and more popular for the west and especially in the gyms it got his own western name – power yoga. It does not, like many other forms of yoga, a set of series. Every lesson can be completely different and it depends a lot on the instructor and the student´s stamina.The emphasis during this class is to bring your metabolism, strength and flexibility to new heights. Every major muscle group will be used during this new style of a different work out. This form of yoga is good for everyone who like to stay and be fit, gain flexibility and sweat together with others.

Transfers from Cebu City

If you would like a transfer from Cebu City we will pick you up with the minimum of fuss at a very reasonable rate of just P4,600 for 1-2 persons or P1,700 per person for 3 or more persons. This includes a pickup at the Airport, a pier or your hotel, transport to the port of Maya (125km north of Cebu City), the 8km boat ride to Malapascua and into the Buena Vida Resort – you won’t even need to lift your bags.


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Wow – Zen Masters!
As soon as I step foot into Buena Vida I could feel the earthing energy. It was quite profound. There's something special going on here, Ive never had a holiday like it.
5:43 pm November 4, 2016

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Are you coming to Malapascua?

Hippocampus Beach Resort

The resort is located directly on Malapascua’s white Bounty beach and offers a family style and relaxed atmosphere. All together 18 rooms have been integrated into a natural tropical garden with coconut and various flowering trees, ferns and orchids.

Several room categories are available:

  • The deluxe rooms with all amenities like silent split aircon, hot shower, ceiling fan, minibar/fridge, safe and a prime beachfront location with direct view and access to the ocean
  • A very comfortable superior rooms with aircon, hot shower, minibar/fridge, safe and garden view.
  • We also offer several simple economy or standard rooms with electric fan only.

All rooms have private, European style bath and insect proof screened windows. Furnishing is in colonial style and includes a spacious double bed or alternatively two single beds. The resort is equipped with backup electricity (noise proof0 generators to supply electricity around the clock, voltage is 220 volts and rooms have both Philippine and European power outlets. WiFi internet access is available for guests without charge.

Deluxe Air Conditioned Room

6deluxe room16deluxe room 2

Superior Air Conditioned Room

Hippocampus superior room

Standard Fan Room


Legend Beach Resort

Apart from the wondrous natural beauty of Malapascua Island, we here at Malapascua Legend aim to provide our guests with modern amenities which we hope will only enhance your experience in staying with us. We offer free WIFI access for our guests, and our elegantly designed swimming pool is the biggest in Malapascua Island.

Our Pirates’ Resto Bar offers a variety of dishes from local to exotic cuisines which will please your senses. Drinks while watching the sun set is highly recommended.

In addition, our spacious accommodations will make your stay with us more comfortable. Our rooms are equipped with mini bars, LCD televisions, and comfortable bedding and pillows.

Super Deluxe Air Conditioned Room



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