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Fun & Sun is your sea guide in the south! Whether you are going on a trip with the divers, adventurers or just plain enthusiasts, we are always ready to give you the vacation or dive adventure you deserve! Fun & Sun has been in the diving industry since 1985, run by a professional team comprised of licensed diving instructors/divers, boatmen and friendly staff who accommodate you with the best care and service.

Being one of the leading dive teams in Cebu and the Philippines, Fun & Sun offers the best courses for aspiring divers! Many foreign and local tourists enroll for lessons and receive certifications from our SSI and PADI open water courses. We offer the best in instructional diving programs, whether it’s purely for leisuisland hopping company in cebure or for professional certification!

Aside from the diving courses, we have island hopping packages that would show you the beauty of Cebu and most of Central Visayas. As Palawan has the underground river (as well as the dive spots that show the wrecks from the WW II in Coron), Cebu is host to world-class island destinations, sand bars and open water sanctuaries that will surely take your breath away. Go on an island hopping adventure and return with unforgettable memories of island escapades and fun in the sun!

The names says it all. Let Fun & Sun be your friendly guide in Cebu and Central Visayas for the ultimate dive adventure or vacation getaway and escape from the pollution, stress and hectic life of the city. Allow us to be part of your memorable beach and sea experience! Fun & Sun is always at your service!

Come and dive at Malapascua, Cebu, with Fun & Sun and meet Malapascua thresher sharks! Malapascua Island is located off the northern tip of the island of Cebu, in the Visayas. From Cebu City, it will take you approximately 3 hours to reach the port of Maya from where you will take a 30 minute banca boat ride to reach this quaint and enchanting island.

The island is barely 2 sq. km with its main white sand beach, Bounty Beach, facing south where Fun & Sun Dive Center is located. There are several resorts and restaurants, our team will be pleased to recommend to you to enjoy your Malapascua Experience.

Come and join us to see some cool mating mandarin fish during a Sunset Dive. Wake up before the sun rises and head on board our banca to Monad Shoal and admire the majestic circling thresher sharks! Don’t miss the great day trip to Gato Island and discover the amazing marine biodiversity present there, from white tip sharks to harlequin shrimp, from pigmy seahorse to courting cuttlefish, from colorful nudibranches to dancing soft coral!


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Monad Shoal

This is the site that has put Malapascua Island on the Diving World Map. Early divers will have the chance to experience magnificent encounters with Thresher Sharks, that visit several “cleaning stations.” Devil Rays as well as Manta rays are frequent visitors of this sunken island dive site, especially early in the afternoon. A little further, Kimud Shoal is where Hammerhead Sharks can be spotted

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Gato Island

A small rock island located 1hr 30mins off Malapascua. Initially knows as a Sea Snake Sanctuary, there are large White Tip Sharks resting under boulders or swimming around at the entrance of caves, which divers can use to cross underneath the island. The Blue Ring Octopus, the Pigmy Seahorse and the Harlequin Shrimp are some of the favorite sightings here. Bamboo Sharks are occasionally spotted here. This site is covered with a wide variety of hard and soft coral as well.

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Light House

A stones throw away from the island lighthouse, this very shallow dive comes alive and is teeming with marine life at sunset. A few meters from an old wreck lying in the sand, you can find hard coral formations where Mandarin Fish reside. Spend time to see these colorful fish mating before looking for Seahorses, Octopus and Squid as the night takes over.

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Lapus Lapus

Located at the north point of the island, four different kinds of lionfish could be spotted here, as well as, colorful Angel fish, Frog fish and Anglerfish. Often, Jacks and Barracudas hunt around this area. This is also a nice place to see Nudibranchs and watch out for the flamboyant cuttlefish.

malapascua scuba diving

Dona Marilyn Wreck

This is one of the largest wrecks found in the Visayas. It lies in open water at a depth ranging from 17-35 meters. This is a spectacular dive. Snappers, batfish, puffer fish, moray eels are making this wreck their home. Large Stingrays are often seen in the sandy bottom.


Kalamangan Island

Another fantastic day trip would be to Kalamangan Island, approximately an hours boat ride away south of Malapascua. This spectacular and isolated island has a breathtaking sand bar that stretches as far as the eyes can see. It is truly a paradise for both divers and non-divers. Turtles and eagle Rays are occasionally spotted here as well as other tropical fish that are frequently seen in wall dives.

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Hippocampus Beach Resort

The resort is located directly on Malapascua’s white Bounty beach and offers a family style and relaxed atmosphere. All together 18 rooms have been integrated into a natural tropical garden with coconut and various flowering trees, ferns and orchids.

Several room categories are available:

  • The deluxe rooms with all amenities like silent split aircon, hot shower, ceiling fan, minibar/fridge, safe and a prime beachfront location with direct view and access to the ocean
  • A very comfortable superior rooms with aircon, hot shower, minibar/fridge, safe and garden view.
  • We also offer several simple economy or standard rooms with electric fan only.

All rooms have private, European style bath and insect proof screened windows. Furnishing is in colonial style and includes a spacious double bed or alternatively two single beds. The resort is equipped with backup electricity (noise proof0 generators to supply electricity around the clock, voltage is 220 volts and rooms have both Philippine and European power outlets. WiFi internet access is available for guests without charge.

Deluxe Air Conditioned Room

6deluxe room16deluxe room 2

Superior Air Conditioned Room

Hippocampus superior room

Standard Fan Room


Legend Beach Resort

Apart from the wondrous natural beauty of Malapascua Island, we here at Malapascua Legend aim to provide our guests with modern amenities which we hope will only enhance your experience in staying with us. We offer free WIFI access for our guests, and our elegantly designed swimming pool is the biggest in Malapascua Island.

Our Pirates’ Resto Bar offers a variety of dishes from local to exotic cuisines which will please your senses. Drinks while watching the sun set is highly recommended.

In addition, our spacious accommodations will make your stay with us more comfortable. Our rooms are equipped with mini bars, LCD televisions, and comfortable bedding and pillows.

Super Deluxe Air Conditioned Room



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