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Is your website ready for mobile business?

The way people use electronic devices has changed dramatically over the past 8 years and the internet has struggled to keep up. Just 8 years ago only 7% of us were regularly using mobile devices to access the internet and now using a mobile device for the internet is the norm. In fact almost 75% of web page views are now handled by cell phone or tablet devices in the Philippines and it’s a trend set to continue rising until the Desktop PC fades into obscurity.

With this evolution of the internet came significant challenges for website developers and marketers. Websites used to be created to fit a range of gradually increasing screen sizes and resolution but as the mobile internet took over, the number of screen sizes went through the roof. Thankfully there have been several innovations to allow websites to display correctly on a much wider range of screen resolutions and the most adopted of those is responsive design Look At This.

Responsive design is a foundation for setting up websites to dynamically resize, re-flow and selectively display information depending on the screen width and resolution of any browser. It allows websites to be ranked more highly in Google and many other search engines, and it has now become the number one most important feature of ANY website.

For a two minute example of a responsive website compared with a non-responsive website, please check out this video below and then test your website to see if it’s an effective marketing tool or a dinosaur here:

If your website doesn’t pass the Google Mobile Friendly Test, you need to seriously consider performing a rebuild of your website. Visitors to your website from a web search who have to zoom in and out or use the horizontal scroll are 30 times more likely to just find another website. Furthermore, Google will put your website further down the list of results costing you even more visits.

Another metric for Google to rank your website high up in the search results is SSL (recently renamed to TSL). This is the process of encrypting the content of a website between the web server and the website visitor (the green padlock you see in the address bar). Security certificates used to be expensive but they can now be obtained completely free and should be added to any website with so much as a contact form. Many visitors will refuse to use a contact form without a security certificate so this is another imperative for just about every website out there.

To find out more about how people use mobile devices in the modern age, Google have just published a comprehensive report which is available here: twg-how-people-use-their-devices-2016

My final recommendation for making your website ready for business is to implement micro-formats:

Micro-formats are small snippets of HTML code which follow a special structure and allow a web site to display information and provide additional meta data which the search engines can read to better describe the web page contents. There are many forms of micro-formats and some of the most common micro-tags are reviews, geo tagging and open graph (OG):

The review micro tags will allow google to determine a rating or review context in a way it can understand and when it does so it will add some shiny stars next to the search engine result. Results with stars are over twice as likely to be clicks as those without stars.


The geolocation micro-tag allows a website to inform search engines the location on earth which a web page refers to. These results are then provide in location based searches which provides a significant boost to your web page for anyone who is searching geographically (using a place name such as Malapascua, Philippines diving or even Thresher Sharks as Monad Shoal is the only “location” which has almost daily sightings of Thresher Sharks).


The Open Graph meta tags provide an easy to implement and effective way to describe how your page will be shared on various social networks. The og:image tag for example will suggest the image you would like facebook, twitter or Google to use when a link to your website is shared online. This is often preferable to selecting the first image which could be literally anything on the page. This tag also allows you choose which image is used for which social network. Other Open Graph tags describe your website’s relationship to your social network, the description and titles you would like to display and a lot more.

If any of this advice is something you would like to implement but don’t have the resources or ability to do so please email: free review and action plan with a reasonable quote.

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Hippocampus Beach Resort

The resort is located directly on Malapascua’s white Bounty beach and offers a family style and relaxed atmosphere. All together 18 rooms have been integrated into a natural tropical garden with coconut and various flowering trees, ferns and orchids.

Several room categories are available:

  • The deluxe rooms with all amenities like silent split aircon, hot shower, ceiling fan, minibar/fridge, safe and a prime beachfront location with direct view and access to the ocean
  • A very comfortable superior rooms with aircon, hot shower, minibar/fridge, safe and garden view.
  • We also offer several simple economy or standard rooms with electric fan only.

All rooms have private, European style bath and insect proof screened windows. Furnishing is in colonial style and includes a spacious double bed or alternatively two single beds. The resort is equipped with backup electricity (noise proof0 generators to supply electricity around the clock, voltage is 220 volts and rooms have both Philippine and European power outlets. WiFi internet access is available for guests without charge.

Deluxe Air Conditioned Room

6deluxe room16deluxe room 2

Superior Air Conditioned Room

Hippocampus superior room

Standard Fan Room


Legend Beach Resort

Apart from the wondrous natural beauty of Malapascua Island, we here at Malapascua Legend aim to provide our guests with modern amenities which we hope will only enhance your experience in staying with us. We offer free WIFI access for our guests, and our elegantly designed swimming pool is the biggest in Malapascua Island.

Our Pirates’ Resto Bar offers a variety of dishes from local to exotic cuisines which will please your senses. Drinks while watching the sun set is highly recommended.

In addition, our spacious accommodations will make your stay with us more comfortable. Our rooms are equipped with mini bars, LCD televisions, and comfortable bedding and pillows.

Super Deluxe Air Conditioned Room



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*** Please note that all information displayed on this website subject to change without prior notice ***